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  1. Saiki vem piorando...será conterrâneo? ( mineiros já são doudos, só pioram ). E as miras do Coelho? rs C.M.Q.
  2. Ô Mito, conheça o mundo maravilhoso do Ruy Multiforum Saiki. Abraço os dois Nihonjin ( humm... ) e Henrique Diana Coelho. C. Métil Brasileiro.
  3. Marco, boa noite.

    Se ainda estiver vendendo chumbos RIFLE PREMIUM, favor enviar-me tabela de preços, 4.5 e 5.5, com frete BH ( CEP 30130170)

    Se quiser responder por e-mail:

    Estou mais interessado no 4.5 FLAT HEAD HEAVY.




  4. RSRS, além das russas, prestei minha homenagem às vovós lusitanas reconhecidas tb. por esse adereço, caro gaúcho pernambucano. Quanto aos netitos, não querem nem saber se a culatra é de polímero ou de ferro, querem é gastar minhas munições, sem dó. À propósito gastei quase tudo o que eu tinha com mulheres , vinhos, munições de Portugal e rifas do Macedo. O resto desperdicei. Abraço, Mario Tulio Flathead.
  5. Cumpadi, foi um prazer, mas após essa tal de Black Friday, recolho-me exausto, disfarçado de camponesa russa, por motivos persecutórios, levando comigo muitas lembrancinhas, madrugando para voltar à estepe, epa, chapadão. Abraço você e Cumpadi Vanderlice. Jamais me encontrariam. C.M.Q. Estás bem provido de aeromunição, Giovanni, podes crer. Agradecido estou; sensibilizado, até.
  6. Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 Grain .177 Caliber Pellet Test Review by Stephen ArcherOctober 3, 2018 Contents Overview Rating Full Article Overview Testers Doug Wall Caliber .177 Model Number N/a Test Date 26 Sept 2018 Serial Numbers N/a Source of Supply INDUBRAC - Indústria Brasileira de Chumbos, Ltda Condition New We Like Great price! Generally good consistency. Excellent packaging. We Don't Like Very dirty. Difficult to find. Not close to specs. HAM Rating Comparison to Makers Claims 30% Most Common Head Diameter 45% Variation in Head Diameter 50% Most Common Weight 80% Variation in Weight 60% Most Common Length 45% Variation in Length 60% Dirtiness 20% Hard Air Magazine Test Conclusions Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets are decent quality pellets showing better than average manufacturing consistency. They would be very suitable for training and probably also club competition for 10 Meter air rifle shooters if your air rifle's barrel likes them. In addition, they could also be a good choice for general plinking at relatively short ranges with lower-power air rifles. The only real strikes against these wadcutters are for poor compliance with the manufacturer's specifications and being very dirty. These things may not concern the average shooter. At the current price, they are great value and an easy HAM Gold Award winner! 51% HAM Rating Full Review VALUE FOR MONEY Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets are a recent addition to the US market from a Brazilian manufacturer called INDUBRAC – Indústria Brasileira de Chumbos, Ltda. The company is based in the outskirts of Sao Paulo in the south of the country. INDUBRAC manufactures a wide range of airgun pellets under the Rifle brand. “Premium Series” wadcutters are dedicated 10 Meter target pellets. In fact, the Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets are the “heavy” version. There are also lighter versions available in Brazil, although maybe not in the USA at the present time. Although largely unknown to US shooters, INDUBRAC claims competitive success for their Premium Flathead pellets in international competition. They are also very attractively priced in the US at 1.99 cents each – far below the mean price for .177 caliber lead pellets of 2.7 cents each. That makes Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets outstanding value for money for a good quality 10 Meter pellet. TEST DATA SUMMARY Price per Pellet 1.99 cents Most Common Weight 8.26 Grains 8.27 Grains Pellets at That Common Weight 20% 20% Variation in Pellet Weight (Smallest to Largest) 2.09% Most Common Head Diameter 4.52 mm Pellet at That Common Head Diameter 48% Variation in Head Diameter (Smallest to Largest) 0.67% Most Common Length 5.58 mm 5.60 mm Pellets at That Common Length 18% Variation in Length (Smallest to Largest) 1.63% COMPARISON TO MAKERS CLAIMS The manufacturer claims that the “heavy” Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets we are testing here have a head diameter of 4.50 mm. In the sample pellets tested by HAM, the average head diameter was 4.52 mm. Only one pellet – that’s 2% of those tested – actually had a head diameter of 4.50mm. Likewise, the weight is claimed to be 8.18 Grains. However the average weight of the pellets tested by HAM was 8.24 Grains. Again, only one pellet matched the claimed weight of 8.18 Grains when weighed on HAM’s incredibly-precise milligram balance. The over-spec weight of the Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets tested by HAM is the likely reason that the tin we tested contained 499 pellets instead of the 500 claimed – although the amount of lead dirt didn’t help either. (The tins are probably filled by weight not by actual pellet count). The manufacturer is to be commended for giving a Ballistic Coefficient for Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets. They say it’s 0.012. In HAM testing, we found a BC of 0.011. However, we were shooting the pellets much faster than would be expected for 10 M competition ammunition and the 0.012 value is almost certainly correct. CONSISTENCY There were no damaged or malformed pellets found in the tin tested by HAM. Manufacturing consistency was somewhat better than average, overall. Here are the details… Consistency of head diameter among the Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets tested by HAM was below average. Just 48% (24 pellets) had the most common head diameter of 4.52 mm. The variation between the smallest and largest head diameters – from 4.50 to 4.53 mm – was 0.7%. This is about average manufacturing consistency. Weight consistency, however, was well controlled among the Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets tested by HAM. There were 20% at both 8.26 and 8.27 Grains. A figure of 20% at the same weight is good performance in manufacturing consistency. The variation in weight of the tested pellets – between 8.13 Grains and 8.30 Grains – was 2.09%. Again, this is a better than average consistency score, although the average weight is rather higher than the claimed weight. As always, all pellets were weighed using HAM’s ultra-precise milligram balance for precise, accurate and consistent measurements. 18% of the pellets tested by HAM had the same lengths (5.58 mm and 5.60 mm). This is slightly less than average. However, the variation between the shortest and longest pellets was just 1.63% (from 5.53 to 5.62 mm) and this is rather better than average. DIRTINESS It has to be said that these Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets are the dirtiest ever tested by HAM! No less than 9.10 Grains of lead dust and dirt were included in this tin of pellets. That, in itself, could be another reason for the very slight pellet under-count, as it’s more than the weight of one pellet. As there were a nominal 500 pellets in the tin, that makes 1.82 Grains of dirt per 100 pellets. Of course, you should always wash your hands thoroughly after handling lead airgun pellets. But that’s even more important than ever with these Rifle pellets. DOWNRANGE PERFORMANCE Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets are intended for 10 Meter shooting, so downrange performance is not really intended to be their forte. With a typical BC for wadcutter pellets, essentially “flat” shooting can be obtained from HAM’s standard “1,000 FPS” test gun between 11 and 40 Yards. The Chairgun graph below shows how this plays out. HUNTING USE Again, the Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets are not intended for hunting. They loose Kinetic Energy very rapidly downrange, as do all wadcutter pellets, with 50% of the initial Muzzle Energy already lost at 30 Yards. However, it’s clear that Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets would be a devastating choice for hunting small critters at very close range. Once retrieved from the soap block, it was apparent that the pellet had expanded hugely from 4.52 to 5.58 mm diameter. The wound channel was 10 mm in diameter and the pellet traveled only 36 mm into the ballistic soap block. All of this indicates massive and immediate transfer of energy. This would cause a humane one shot kill if used on small pests at close range. BUYING AND OWNING Currently, it’s not easy to find Rifle Premium Flathead 8.18 grain .177 caliber pellets for sale in the USA. Although they may be available elsewhere, HAM could only find them available at Creedmor Sports. Don’t even think of looking in your local “big box” sporting goods store… These pellets are supplied in a good-quality screw top tin. The top was easy to open and the general design and finish of the packaging gives a feeling of quality to the product. The inside of both tin and lid are coated, for example, rather than being bare metal. There was also a round sheet of foam to prevent the pellets from moving during shipping. TEST DATA For background details on HAM’s Pellet Test Review methodology, check out this link. Chairgun is a product of Hawke Sports Optics LLC and is used with permission. Check out Understanding HAM Pellet Awards HAM Pellet Awards come from the most rigorous, professional and comprehensive pellet testing by any independent publication. They are the result of much precise measurement and analysis using high precision measuring devices and highly-experienced testers. Note that accuracy is a product of the complete “system” of airgun, scope, atmospheric conditions and shooter ability – not the pellet alone. This means that no pellet test review can predict the accuracy of a particular pellet with YOUR individual air rifle. That’s why we do not measure accuracy in these pellet tests. What HAM Pellet Awards do recognize is manufacturing consistency. Inconsistent pellets definitely will be inaccurate, consistent pellets are much more likely to be accurate. HAM Awards also recognize value. There’s considerable variation in the price of airgun pellets. This means that an 8 cent pellet needs to score higher than a 2 cent pellet to achieve an award. For full details of the HAM Pellet Award scoring methodology, please check out our Pellet Testing page. For a full listing of HAM-tested Ballistic Coefficients, please see our Ballistic Coefficients page.
  7. Ponderações sensatas são sempre benvindas. Deveriam ser lidas com atenção. Cruzeta e abraço, Edgar.
  8. Parabéns pelo capricho e empenho, Ricardo. Ganha primeira cruzeta +. C. M.Q.
  9. Bienvenido Roberto. Conozco Eldorado; he estado allí hace muchos años , con mi camioneta, paseando y pescando con amigo de Córdoba. Me gusta mucho tu patria. Tengo algunas armas de aire también. Abrazo, Panza Verde, rs.
  11. Concordo com você, Rodrigo. De minhas Cometas é a mais cheia de mimimi. COMETA NEW FENIX 400> 5.5 Testes a 10 mts, M.A. SENSÍVEL DEMAIS NA PEGADA! Dura para fechar. Aquí minhas avaliações com chumbinhos ( 10 mts, apoiado, tal e tal.. ) PS: Essa Cometa tem câmara diâmetro MAIOR que o habitual. EXCELENTES RWS SUPERDOME JSB JUMBO HEAVY H&N FTT 5.53 BSA ELITE COMETA JUMBO RS MUITO BONS ROSSI VERMELHO BONS GAMO PRO MAGNUM TECHNOGUN STRIKE PARA ESQUECER GAMO PRO HUNTER ( flies ) GAMO MATCH MAGIC BULLET RWS SUPERDOME DE BOM Precisão Gatilho Beleza DE RUIM Miras Ruído Recuo Peso Muito chata com chumbos. C. M.Q.
  12. Caro amigo Fernando Zaitzev velho de guerra: estimo retorno às atividades habituais o mais rapidamente possível! Meu abraço M.Q.
  13. Pássaro lindo; foto espetacular, Henrique! C. M.Q.
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